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Inocap has experience with the tilapia industry since year 2003.

From its base in Oslo, Norway Inocap assist producers and exporters realizing business opportunities in Europe, as well as assisting European companies and investors looking for opportunities in the tilapia industry worldwide.

Inocap has a professional network within the tilapia and warm water aquaculture industry. 

Inocap has a general business focus with emphasis on markets and the financial aspects of tilapia production and trade, but has also access to operational knowledge through its professional network.

red tilapia in cages

Tilapia originates from the Nile in Egypt and has been an important food fish since the pharaohs. It is a fresh water fish living wild and farmed in about 70 countries in the tropics and sub-tropics around the world. The meat is white, has a firm texture and is neutral in taste. In year 2007 the cultured volume was 2.505.000 tons and wild catch 770.000 tons. During the last 10 years tilapia has become one of the most consumed fish species in the US, while volumes in Europe are still rather small.

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