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Subsea Farming
- technology made for life under water

Subsea Farming team uten undertekstThe Subsea Farming team – from the left: Øyvind Johnsen (engineer), Øystein Falch (MBA business and finance),
Petter Arnesen (PhD biology) and Hulpa Marlin (engineer). Oslo, Norway April 2019

Subsea Farming wants to make a change! Our vision is to culture the oceans.

Subsea Farming AS is developing technology for submerged aquaculture to escape rough sea, thus allowing aquaculture to happen more places - even out in the open ocean.

Subsea Farming has a uniqe technology (patent pending) that ensures stable submergence with no elements in the surface. And it is simple! Thus, investment costs are relatively low and compettitive. 

Subsea Farming develop technology for fin fish, seaweed, mussels and other molluscs. 

Submerged aquaculture escapes whatever would be harmful or negative to productivity in the higher layers of the water column such as; waves, sea lice (salmon farming), schools of jellyfish, poisoned algae or too cold or too warm water depending on season. Finally, it removes visual pollution as there are no elements in the surface.

Subsea Farming has a concept - Argy - ready to be tested in salmon and other fin fish aquaculture. The main design feature of the Argy is that it can be submerged below the most harmful of offshore waves, thus enabling the system to be left offshore during the worst of storms.

stoArgy - a complete concept for submerged aquaculture

System features:

Supported by Subsea Farming’s experienced resource pool, the Argy will allow for aquaculture production that calls upon technology and knowledge from the Oil and Gas industry.

This system will allow the aquaculture to scale-up  production by moving into new areas of the ocean, reduce environmental impact , avoid sea lice, algae blooms (if in higher layers of water column) and visual “pollution”.

Del denne siden med andre!

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