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Innovation does not happen in a vacuum

06 January 2016: Norway is a young aquaculture nation, but has since its infancy in 1968 become the world’s probably most advanced aquaculture nation farming a total of about 1.200.000 tons of Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout, or 51% of the global salmonids production.

The easy but difficult solution to fish aquaculture

05 January 2016: The cost of fish farming is the cost per kilo of harvested fish and not the cost of inputs. The difficult part is to manage and balance all the factors that plays together and finally makes up the cost. 

Promising future for aquaculture - shrimp and tilapia expected to more than double by 2030

07 January 2015: The World Bank predicts promising future for aquaculture – and Inocap has the expertise to contribute to make it happen.

The International Monetary Fund expects the GDP growth of Africa to be the highest of all continents until 2018

07 January 2015: Africa experience the strongest growth of all continents – and Inocap has the knowledge, experience and network to work with aquaculture development in Africa.

Misleading EU tilapia import statistics

29 December 2013: EU tilapia import statistics for 2012 are misleading because the fish species Pangasius and tilapia have been mixed.  Adjusted for Pangasius Inocap estimates  tilapia import to the EU in 2012 to 19.000 ton, which equals the volume for 2011.

EU tilapia production

29 December 2013: Inocap estimates the European tilapia production to be 2.000 ton, which is about 0,05% of the global tilapia production.

Magic light in aquaculture can give huge gains

5 June 2013: New light technology combined with knowledge about its biological impacts can give fish farmers’ new tools to improve growth rate and lower feed costs.

Turning Waste into Profit

11 September 2009: Huge economic potential in utilization of marine by-products.  


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